Municipal solid waste landfills and construction/demolition landfills.

Top Notch Disposal has designated locations that accept wood waste. The material may be accepted as construction debris and sorted at the facility, or may be required as a single-stream drop-off.  
Top Notch Disposal has designated locations that accept electronic waste such as televisions, computer monitors and towers.
Many of our facilities accept certain items classified as Household Hazardous Waste (HHW). Items discarded from a residential household that may be reactive, toxic, explosive, or corrosive fall into this classification. We are committed to the communities we serve to safely handle and dispose of these materials.
The composting and reuse of green or yard waste and food waste are critical components for any community's march to a Zero Waste goal. We continue to increase our composting efforts through investments to expand capacity at existing operations and through the acquisition of new facilities.  

Solid waste landfills, over time, generate methane – a greenhouse gas which can be converted into a valuable source of clean energy. We deploy gas recovery systems to collect methane, which is then used to:

  • generate electricity for local households
  • fuel local industrial plants
  • power alternative fueled vehicles
  • qualify for carbon emission credits
Top Notch Disposal offers recovery for a variety of recyclable commodities, including cardboard, office paper, plastic containers, oil, glass bottles, and ferrous and aluminum metals. We own and operate recycling processing facilities (MRFs) that are designed to sort and prep materials for recycling.  
Special waste is any waste material which, because of its physical, chemical or biological characteristics requires special handling procedures, or poses an unusual threat to the environment, equipment, property, or the public health, welfare and safety.  
We own or operate solid waste transfer stations across Canada. Solid waste transfer station operations represent an efficient, environmentally friendly methodology to receive, process, compact and transfer solid waste to larger vehicles for transport via truck, rail or barge to Company owned or operated landfills, as well as third party landfills. Our properties are staffed by friendly and knowledgeable associates, designed for quick access and outfitted with the latest equipment and technologies to consolidate waste or recyclables for final removal.  
Municipal solid waste landfills and construction/demolition landfills represent the most cost effective, environmentally safe methodology for the ultimate disposal of solid waste available today. We own, operate, and utilize exclusively, landfills that meet the federal Subtitle-D and stringent state-specific requirements. Each one is expertly engineered and managed to protect the environment and serve the community as a responsible neighbor

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